Core Values


S-serving our commercial & residential customers with the best service they can pay for.

H-honoring our word and estimate, doing what we say we will and going above and beyond.

I-identifying our customer sales barriers and providing clean windows to remove those barriers.

N- Nurturing our business relationships to create customer loyalty that goes beyond price.

E-Establishing King Window Cleaning as the #1 window cleaning company in the Inland Empire

When you deal with King Window Cleaning, you are dealing with a company that is based on integrity, reliable and will get the job done right the first time. Perhaps you have given up on window cleaning because you had a bad experience with a previous company or you feel it will just be easier to have your employees do the cleaning for you.

Now if you are a Business here are probably three reasons why you have not hired a window cleaning company to clean your windows professionally.....

1). You believe that your employees can do the work for you cheaper and more efficiently.

2). You do not believe that your business image and the cleanliness of your windows are linked.

3). You have not considered that having clean windows can limit buying barriers that your customers have towards the product or service you sell.

Now how can King Window Cleaning step in and be the solution to overcoming these three reasons....

1). We at King Window Cleaning have over 10 years cleaning experience and know how to clean all types of windows both inside and out. We have professional tools and techniques that your employees will simply not possess.

2). I m a business owner and know the difference between a business image and what you are communicating in print, and the image you are trying to develop. If you do not have clean windows to match that image then message will not be taken with integrity because when people come to your office they will see the dirty windows and see a disconnect and begin to make a judgement based on what they see, and not on what your product or service is communicating.

3). Again. I m a business owner, I m in sales, your in sales, I understand that in order to successfully sell a product or service you want to limit as many buying barriers for your product or service that you can. Well having clean windows in your facility is one way to limit the buying barriers that customers will have because you want them to come into your place of business feeling great, and seeing what you see though nice clean windows to entice them to buy from you. Side note: Your competitors probably do not have window cleaning as well, be different and have your windows cleaned so your products will stand out, behind bright, shiny windows.

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Jose Rivera


Here is our photo gallery both commercial & residential window cleaning jobs we have done. We have been serving the Inland Empire since 2007.

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