My name Jose Rivera and I have been doing window cleaning for 10 years. The reason I started this company was because I saw the lack of commitment, customer service and attention to detail. We are looking to change the industry and to become the standard in the systems andmethods we use in cleaning your windows. We make sure that we we use a towel to wipe down all 4 corners of the windows, we do not let it air dry. We make sure that there are no streaks, drips or smudges left after the windows are cleaned. And we make sure that we use professional tools and techniques, not paper towels nor Windex. My chief aim is to build a
business that become the industry standard and is know for being a company of honesty, integrity and being able to deliver quality service
beyond your expectations.

Over the past 10 years our company has built a stellar reputation where we have been the go to solution for our clients. We have gained immense trust as many of our commercial clients that we provide our service for
their business, we also clean the windows of their homes. Please understand that not every company is able to do this, which speaks volumes about our work ethic, honesty and integrity. When we clean thewindows for any residential clients we make sure that we treat the home as if it was our own. We make sure that all gates are closed so any pets do not get out, we make sure to roll the water hoses back to the way they were when we are done using them. And we make sure that we have show covers on our feet, to make sure that no mud or dirt gets on your clean carpets or floors. Many times when we clean a customers home or business they become part of the King Window Cleaning family for life. We look forward to bringing you on as another important member of the King Window Cleaning family as well. Thanks for your on going support of King Window Cleaning, Jose Rivera.


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